Samuel Phung

ICOP Technology Inc / VP Sales & Marketing

  • Samuel Phung


    0006 - Internet-of-Things, Intelligent-System and Windows Embedded

    The Internet phenomenon created new opportunities, new markets and new approaches to solve existing problems with better results, covering just about everything around our daily living, which many of us refer to as the Internet-of-Things market (IoT). While the IoT market creates huge opportunity for different type of devices, these devices are functional parts of a larger Intelligent-System with application and business logic to capture data from these devices and interact with them, in order to extract the full benefits from these IoT devices. The IoT marketplace provides new playground for key technology companies, competing to deliver the next wave of products. To develop innovative new products targeting the IoT market, and to survive and thrive in this highly competitive IoT economy, device developers need to adopt new approach and technology platform with competitive advantage to develop new generation of products. This session takes a high level technical overview to the IoT market, Intelligent-Systems and the competitive advantages provide by the Windows Embedded platforms.
    Livello: 200
    Giorno: Microsoft Embedded Conference - 15/02/2014 - Orario: 16:20 - 17:10 - Sala: Sala Principale